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What Can Twitter Do For You?

In December 2008 Dell Outlet announced that it had generated $1 million through their twitter account. Dell posted computer specials and closeout deals to its Twitter feed and grabbed the attention of the web. In

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When Advertising Overshadows Content

Nobody likes ads, and people really resent intrusive and irrelevant ads. SE Roundtable reports a post by SEO igloo where she laments on the excessive advertising on I think that Jennifer Laycock is one

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Go Get Google Ad Manager

Google just released Ad Manager, their custom ad serving tool. This slick program allows you to serve different ads on your site through one interface. So for example if you have sold targeted ads for

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PPC Top Spot Bidding

Advertisers using PPC search services think their ads must be in the top position in order to make the most money, but this is a novice point of view. The ad in the first position

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I have to admit i have not seen any ROI from Some merchants may have great success with this pay per click shopping engine, but I’m leery of using this service. There is very

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