Commission Junction Lines Up Advisors – Will This Help Small Affiliates?

As Vinny Lingham says, Commission Junction now has an external advisory board. I have been using the CJ affiliate program and am generally pleased with it.

Here are my top requests:

  • allow us to have affiliate links for – why are you so stingy that you won’t give your thousands of existing affiliates incentive to link to you?
  • get some AJAX into your user interface. A million popup windows are totally unnecessary with slick javascript navitation
  • make the data feed listings clearer and simpler to use. It would be nice if it was mandatory for all companies 🙂
  • back to your user interface, some features are just too obscure. Smartlinks? I gave up trying to understand how to make these work.

The full members of the new Commission Junction board are:

Adam Viener, Imwave, Inc.
Connie Berg, /
Craig Cassata,
Dan Murray, Ravenwood Marketing
David M. Lewis, 77Blue
Eva Klein, FatWallet
Jennifer Nissenberg, Upromise
Jeremy Palmer,
Michael Coley,
Paul Nichols,
Scott Jangro, MechMedia, Inc.
Scott Kluth,
Steve Schaffer, Vertive, Inc
Vinny Lingham,

If you need to generate Commission Junction links use this CJ link generator.

Help us CJ advisory board, you’re our only hope.


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