We just had a record shattering month. Up 54% from the previous year. Stunning advance shattering the previous record set the month prior. This is a stunning “close” vs. “failed” percentage as well. To close over 50% is incredible. Great work Cayley! Everyone should thank him for his search optimization work. (more…)

Eric CasperCWS

I recently got $400,000.00, yes, four hundred thousand and settled a case for one million. The client said he found me though google through your search engine marketing work. (more…)

Gary C. EtoGary C. Eto

The website is awesome… beyond my expectations. If you were a restaurant or a brewpub you get 5 outa 5!

This website is going to turn other websites into relics, particularly with my what I intend to put on it.

Thanks heaps! My website is getting loads of support from restaurant owners. It’s going to really great once I implement my ideas.


Michael BurkeClassic Bites and Brews

Our website, and therefore our internet commerce, was languishing in third and fourth page placements year after year. DNA testing is a competitive industry, and we tried every method to get better rankings. We then hired Cayley Vos and Netpaths, and we started to climb. (more…)

Jim HansenMedical Testing Firm

This web video is so AWESOME! Whohoo! You did it! Thanks so much. WOW! (more…)

Donna M. PhelanDonnaPhelan.TV

We regularly get customers telling us how good our site looks and we really appreciate the work you have done for us. We also admire your patience in dealing with a couple of low-tech guys trying to keep up in a high tech world. Keep up the good work! (more…)

Jack LoudermillNakamura - Beeman, Inc.

You put a big smile on my face, but not because I’m no 1 (in the search engines). I know now I made the right choice since we spoke the first time on the phone. You were convincing. Keep it up and have a nice weekend. Best regards. (more…)

M. DebsOwner, MayFayre House

So far I’ve had a great response from the new website. It definitely upscales me. Like putting on a new suit. (more…)

Daniel BrumfieldBrumfield Tax Accounting

We did over 3MM in sales last year, we have seen great success from the search engine optimization services and have multiple page 1 listings.  This would not be possible without your diligent help and top notch results. (more…)

Martin HurThe Factory Outlet

I usually warn people that it’ll cost them a lot to have [SEO] done right, but that it’s worth it. Then I give them some numbers from seatthole (went from 1-3 jobs/week to 3-8 jobs/day), and they see the light. (more…)

Django BohrenSeatthole Shirts