Godaddy Video Ad Using Decades Old Content

Godaddy has a video advertisement on their domain name aftermarket website that features a script from 1992.

While viewing the video ad, remember this is published in 2008.

Some of the Godaddy transcript

For business, the internet is key
Potential is enormous
Transactions happen in real time
The web is alive 24 hours a day 7 days a week
Personal expression has taken off to, thanks to blogging and social networks (ok this did happen in 2004)
Want to stay in touch with family & friends? The internet is perfect for that too.
Think of the internet as a place where people can come together to share news, photos even video clips! (wow even video!)
The internet is doing more than making us money and bring us closer together (really? im all ears)

Yes, this is true. Its amazing that companies don’t turn their servers off at 5pm when they close their offices.

See the Godaddy video that will make you wonder if the Scottsdale Arizona company has 1992 baked into their mission statement.

This is the godaddy video advertising their knowledge of the internets. Bob parsons has hired an attractive female to lure in viewers with subliminal mind tricks, insulting the viewers intelligence with a format similar to infomercials.


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