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home ownership accelerator logo This is not a post about search engine optimization, I’m taking a slight detour to talk about a revolutionary new financial planning product from the home mortgage industry.

This system combines all your checking, home loan and home equity line accounts into one master “loan sweep account” that automatically transfers all deposited cash against the loan balance each day in order to save mortgage interest. The simple change better leverages cash flow, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in interest over the next decade. Your funds remain available 24/7, just like an existing checking account today.

Instead of paying the loan balance at the end of the month, you pay at the beginning of the month and use the same account to pay daily expenses. The result is a lower daily loan balance with no prepayment penalties. This allows qualified individuals to pay off a 30 year ARM mortgage 10 years early, even with a higher interest rate.

Benefits of this unique mortgage savings account

  • Monthly income lowers your monthly balance
  • Lower loan balance saves you interest
  • Saved mortgage interest becomes extra principal payment
  • Lowers your balance, saving more interest
  • Frees up even more money to reduce principal
  • Cycle repeats itself each month, compounding your interest savings & accelerating the reduction of your debt

Candidates for the Accelerator Mortgage have monthly income that is higher than their expenses and a savings plan. See a mortgage FAQ with myths of the HOA mortgage.
Video of the Home Ownership Accelerator

See a video of the Home Ownership Accelerator system.


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