If You Create A New Technology Use It On Your Own Websites

yahoo logoYahoo has a huge network of content websites, but they are ineffectively utilizing these website properties. Below is a good article on Yahoo real estate, but if you want to use Yahoo Buzz or Mybloglog you are out of luck.

Yahoo has spend tens of millions of dollars buying, maintaining, and improving these social media features but they don’t even use them on their own web properties. There is only a small link to Delicious.com bookmarks, which I only saw on my third visit to this site.

And Yahoo is completely ignoring the hottest social website on the internet today: Twitter.

Yahoo really need to integrate its disparate web properties, I have a feeling they are leaving millions of dollars of revenue on the table by not tightly integrating their content and social tools.


Don’t be like Yahoo – all content you create should have the social bookmarking tools most used by your site visitors.


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  1. It becomes clearly obvious that there is a lot to know about the changes in Yahoo’s corporate structure. I feel you have made Yahoo look a bit dumbed down – they will recover.

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