Get Random Bits of Search Engine Optimization Tips From Rand

random bitsSara Smith does a great interview of Rand Fishkin on Search This. I really respect rand for offering so much information about SEO, and he is great at explaining search engines in a very user friendly manner that has wide appeal. He also doesn’t pretend that there are dark secrets to search engine optimization, and it is harder than rocket science.

This is a down to earth 21 minute discussion of basic SEO trends and tactics.

ipod playerMy complaint is with the flash based ipod mimicking player. Like a Ferarri Enzo, it looks cool but us totally non functional. It took me about 5 minutes to get the mp3 stream to start, and the forward and reverse buttons don’t work for me. Search This, I would love to listen to more interviews if they are high quality like this one, but i can’t deal with your player. At least let me listen to your feed in itunes or some other mp3 player that is usable. More on I’m not a Doctor, Adseok and the SEO Moz post.


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