Landing Page Optimization

Creating good landing pages will make your pay per click campaigns profitable. Here are some tips on creating successful landing pages that convert site visitors.

When prospective customers arrive at a website, they come with a specific intention or motivation. They may have come simply to browse or out of curiosity or by mistake. However, many come with the intention of making a purchase. For those prospects, it is the efficacy of the website’s purchase funnel——the pages that make up the buying process——that determine whether the visitor becomes a customer or merely a statistic.

Conversion Equation:

C=4m + 3v + 2(i-f)-2a

Conversion variables:

C = Conversion probability
m = motivation of the user
v = value proposition clarity
i = Incentive to take action
f = Friction elements of process
a = anxiety

Examining the above equation, motivation stands out as the clear determining factor of a conversion. Motivated browsers are your best customers. You attract motivated browsers by purchasing keywords that are as closely related to your product/service as possible.

Clean Landing Pages

Here are 2 tips for creating landing pages that convert.

Require a minimum of information. Forms that require 10 pieces of data will be ignored. Always ask for the minimum amount of customer data, if possible only an email address. Requiring nothing but an email address can increase conversions 100%.

Only offer 1 choice. Show your price and offer only 1 selection to users. Multiple offers will cause too much friction and require too much thought – thus you will loose sales.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this very helpful information. I am running PPC campaign on one of my site and the conversion rate there is not up to my expectations. I think i have found solution for this problem.

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