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wealth-builders-summit-logo.jpg Just 3 Days…Then You’re Set For Life and Netpaths has a free coupon code for this business development event.

Here is a coupon code for this seminar: MEETINGS

Yes, all you need to do to get into the Wealth Builders Summit for free is to use the code “MEETINGS”

This lets you attend this full weekend event for no risk.

I know a lot of successful people and they all seem to have one thing in common. What I’ve noticed from talking to them is that at some point in their life, everything seemed to just “click” for them – and that started a very rapid journey to becoming successful.

Once in a while it happens while talking with a business partner, or reading a book. Sometimes even watching a movie.

But in nearly all the cases, this “sudden realization” leading them down the path to success happens when they’re around a bunch of like-minded individuals. Hear a great interview with the speakers.

And that’s exactly what The Wealth Builders Summit Team has put together for us!

Soon in January the Los Angeles the Wealth Builders Summit Team is putting together an information- packed seminar and I hope it will benefit you.

Here is a sample of the amazing speakers that have been lined up for this business coaching event:

  1. mark-victor-hansen.jpg Mark Victor Hansen – Mark is the co-author what Time magazine called, “the publishing phenomenon of the decade,” with over 110 million Chicken Soup for the Soul books sold worldwide– one of the most successful publishing franchises of all time.

  2. robert-allen.jpg Robert G. Allen – Robert has appeared on hundreds of programs, including “Good Morning America” and “Larry King Live.” He has also been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, Barron’s, Money Magazine, and Reader’s Digest. He’s also published some of the most popular books in history… including “No Money Down” and “Multiple Streams Of Income”.

  3. stephen-pierce.jpgStephen Pierce – Stephen Pierce is the world’s #1 internet wealth advocate and travels the world speaking to tens of thousands of people about the enormous power of the internet and how to leverage the internet for staggering financial success.

  4. chris-bowser.jpg Joel Bauer – Author of three books on Wealth, Marketing & Influence, mentor to Mark Victor Hansen & Francis Ford Coppola, advisor to Motorola, IBM & General Motors, seen regularly on ABC, NBC, CBS & CNN, retired at 43 Joel Bauer teaches you how to persuade by making your messages entertaining.

  5. Than-Merrill.jpg Than Merrill – Than, the star of A&E’s “Flip This House” and former NFL player, is one of the most successful real estate investors in the nation. In the past 5 years he has bought and sold over 350 homes personally!

  6. bill-walsh.jpg Bill Walsh – as a renowned professional speaker, Marketing Expert and International Entrepreneur, Bill has risen to national prominence by delivering a high energy message which tells people how to change their lives by focusing on the ability to obtain greatness from within and live up to their potential.

  7. aussie-rob.jpg “Aussie” Rob Wilson – “Aussie Rob” is a trading mastermind from Australia. He has developed easy, effective and simple ways to maximize your success in trading. The key to Aussie Rob’s is being able to visualize within three seconds or less when to get in and when to get out, so an investor can make consistent profitable trades.

  8. kelly-oneil.jpg Kelly O’Neil – Award winning Speaker, Author and Marketing to the Affluent Expert, Kelly O’Neil, is passionate about helping entrepreneurs think big and play bigger to build thriving six and seven figure businesses.

  9. james-malinchak.jpg James Malinchak – James Malinchak has delivered over 2,200 motivational presentations at conferences and meetings worldwide, and was named Consummate Speaker of the Year by Sharing Ideas professional speakers’ magazine. He has appeared in USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and several hundred other publications.

  10. brian tracy Brian Tracy – Brian has written and produced more than 300 audio and video learning programs, including the worldwide, best-selling “Psychology of Achievement”. His exciting seminars on Leadership, Selling, Self-Esteem, Goals, Strategy, Creativity and Success Psychology have brought about immediate changes and long-term results for many people worldwide.

And many, many more outstanding mentors at www.wealthbuildersevent.com in Los Angeles – please pass this message on to others who would benefit from this event.


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  1. Just want to thank you for this great information about the wealth building conference, it reminds me of the 4 hour workweek.

  2. you provide good information for dedicated professionals who need motivational thoughts. Online conferences sow the seeds of Self esteem confidence in business.

  3. I just want people to know that this is a free networking conference you don’t want to miss.

  4. You have a couple of good points about wealth building events. The problem with the online system for making money is that it doesn’t always work effectively. It is a PPC system failure and needs to be rectified.

  5. I have been visiting a number of educational blogs for my dissertation examination. I have found this seminar review to be quite useful in outlining different money making strategies.

  6. Good post about online wealth building, I can’t say that I agree with everything at the education conference but i’ll be back.

  7. Interesting, never thought of wealth building like that. Our SEO Melbourne website is sorely lacking traffic and needs a boost from a self help program.

  8. It’s the ones who dont take action, and do nothing more than go to a get rich quick seminar who don’t make any Money on the internet. If that’s the case for you, it’s far better to get yourself another hobby than try to create a revenue generating website. There’s a lot of good details and methods in these wealth building seminars for those who take take action. Do something more than just dream about money, create a plan to start a profitable business.

  9. I just wanted to give you a quick “heads up” on this incredible new traffic getting seminar, this would be a good tie in to the online wealth builder program.

  10. I was starting to feel I may perhaps be the sole individual which cared about this seminar series, at the least at this point i discover im not alone 🙂 I am going to make it a point to visit several other marketing gurus after I get some caffeine in me so I can explode my business.

  11. Thanks for the specifics about making money online. I found it insightful with some other income automation research I’m doing right now. You know I’ll be using brilliant compensation to my full advantage.

  12. I am have been engaged for 8 years on the process of developing an income generating website. If this summit came to my country, Brazil, I would attend in a heartbeat. If you have some questions about how to setup international conferences, please get in touch with me.

  13. I’m searching for sites related to making an income online and this is helpful content, even though it is an in person seminar.

  14. I really like the look of the wealth builders your site. The themes of generating passive income are very appealing.

  15. I enjoyed the article by these wealth builders and hope to hear gossip about this networking event. its both useful and communicative to actively debate the content of seminars such as this – no one wants a get rich quick sales pitch.

  16. If you want your website to make you money, generate leads or get subscribers you have to advertise in order to drive traffic to it. Of course this is true for any business, but it is absolutely essential for online business. Does this seminar help with online businesses?

  17. Currently traveling between Miami and Florida, reading this on my Iphone. Will try to make it out to L.A. for this conference to hear Stephen Pierce.

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