Macbook Air

macbook air I have to write a post about the Macbook Air. Everyone seems to have one, including celebrities, executives, high level business people, and a list bloggers Guy Kawasaki, 37 Signals, Robert Scoble, Jason Calacanis, Martha Stewart, Charlie Rose, Telegraph, and more.
Just be careful when taking the macbook through airport security.

Feeling any Apple envy yet?
The specs are a bit weak, but it is an awesome laptop computer. I would buy one if I was a serious business traveler and needed a better computing platform than an iPhone.

The macbook air is so small and light people throw it out with the trash. Many contests and promotions have surfaced promising a mac book air as a prize including this plea for links. and a contest to win a macbook air.

The lack of jacks, ethernet ports and peripherial support are also big problems. Sharing a CD Rom drive is cool, but can be impractical.

Macbook-Air . . . some Macbook Air.

MacBook Air 13″ 1.6Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo 2GB RAM 80GB iSight
Apple Computer Thinnovation.
You can get a discounted Mac book Air for $1564.

These online celebrities, high profile businesspeople, advertising executives and agency employees are all lusting after the Mac Book Air for a reason. How long can you resist the magnetic pull of the Apple design and marketing machine?

If you feel you are important and use the new macbook let me know below and i’ll add you to the MBA list.


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  1. I really liked reading about apple products and the macbook air, but there isn’t much left of the laptop industry now that the ipad is dominating.

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