Myspace News Not Just Sex, Drugs & Rock and Roll

myspace launches real newsAfter deep reservations of the MySpace generation getting their collective american idol voting mentality in the world I have to admit I’m impressed at the news stories. Myspace News currently has real news stories!

Im absolutely stunned that the organization that is organizing the world’s preteen blogs, drunken photos and pop music has engaging and thought provoking content. These are the current homepage articles:

  • google’s new look
  • solar energy in austrailia
  • Nigeria’s sock puppet election catastrophe
  • Boris Yeltsin’s passing
  • world book day

Books? This is the generation of kids that are supposed to have replaced their bookshelves with playstaions and xboxes.

This looks like excellent editorializing to me, with exponentially higher quality than Digg. John Furrier has an interesting outlook, Rand on the other hand has a different opinion. As do others in the search engine optimization community.

Rupert old dude, please keep this up. You are using your influence over millions of young people to promote positive messages and inspire change, please don’t sell out.


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  1. I am curious as to how you feel about MySpace now. I know that the original blog is 2 years old, but many things have changed with MySpace since then, and it would be interesting to get your thoughts on how MySpace has transgressed or regressed.

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