Optimizing Facebook Ads and Maximizing Facebook ROI

Advertising on Facebook is essential as it is the number one search term, and the place where people spend the most time online.

Facebook captures over 4% of all internet time spent by people in the US.

Here are the importance of elements in your Facebook ad.

The importance of the 3 parts of a Facebook ad unit:

  • Image: 70%
  • Body text: 20%
  • Title: 10%

So by focusing on the image you use, and testing different visual elements you can create a high performing and profitable ad.

Testing different kinds of images reveals the most effective visuals:

  1. Cleavage
  2. Recognizable Brands
  3. Blended Images

Yes, the data shows that busty women perform the best, by far receiving more clicks than the second most popular image type of branded images. So if you want to sell a lot of product, try using these results to choose the image that drives clicks.

Below is a presentation outlining the unique challenges faced by online social networks and how to best target social media websites.


27 Little-known Tips to GET TRAFFIC to your Website

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  1. As a new business owner, I appreciate the tips on making a good Facebook ad, which is something I am currently working on. Any other tips to increase people talking about my products with their friends?

    Very interesting slideshow. Do you think the Google+ circles will take off for many of the reasons you list in the facebook slideshow?

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