Find Out If Your Site Passes Link Juice

Links are the foundation of PageRank and modern search engine algorithms. For your site to rank well you need to be on the receiving end of lots of links. Some pages will send authority voting power attached to outbound links, and some pages do not. As a link builder you need to know which pages are the best to target your link requests.

Indicators of Linkable Pages:

  • Is that page indexed
  • Is the page cached, if so how recent is the cache date
  • Does it have inbound links
  • Are the inbound links topically relevant
  • How many clicks is the link page away from the homepage
  • Does it have toolbar PageRank
  • Are outbound links from that page found in Yahoo from the reciprocating page
  • Does that page rank well for its own unique text found in the title or content

Read more about link authority at SE Roundtable.


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