The Shoemoney Rap

It is very rare that I write blatant plugs for fellow marketers, but Shoemoney is a very compelling blogger, and writes engaging and informative posts. This was done for the SEO lyrics contest sponsored by Search Engine People.
Here is the Shoemoney rap, sung to the tune of Dopeman from NWA:

You know my name is shoemoney and i’m the dope man
gettin’ paid top dollar through affiliate programs

If you need some hip music to pimp your cellphone
Call on the man who’ the king of ringtones

Rappin’ on an online radio show
Talkin’ bout the web and dissin’ SEO’s

Don’t hate on me thinkin’ i’m so bad
I got a check for 500G from Azoogleads

A master at creatin’ controversy
Kicks back to chill and watch the UFC

Creating high conversions that I share with you
Rollin’ through the heartland in a Hummer H2

Keyword to your mother


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  1. just found the best trailer for shoemoney, I have read his blog since the beginning and made tons of money using his advice.

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