The Super SEO Proposal

the SEO Proposal

It isnt often that a SEO makes huge news, we are normally behind the scenes driving traffic to websites. Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz made a stunning attempt at national recognition by attempting to propose to his girlfriend during the superbowl. His website chronicled the events leading up to the big game on 2/4/07.

I paid no attention to this story before i knew who this individual was, it all appeared to be a hapless media stunt. However, from what i know about this man, after reading the proposal blog, and finally seeing the videos i was struck by the genuine and sincerity of this endeavor.

I have seen many sensational proposals and weddings, and often the individuals are so wrapped up in event and the sensationalism there is no genuine feeling between them. It is exciting to have your marriage proposal written in the sky, but after the words fade into the clouds you still need genuine love and affection to have a happy life.

I have asked wedding Disc Jockeys what they think of couples at the weddings they work at and they have all told me that the couples who get wrapped up in the details are the ones least likely to succeed.

After reading the SEOmoz blog for 3 months and seeing Rand’s proposal I have no doubt of the sincerity they contain and see great success ahead.

Rand’s Super Proposal


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  1. I learned countless attractive marketing tactics from superbowl commercials and this is a great example of a powerful self promoter. Rand is a superconnector who has good success promoting his SEO firm.
    Thanks for giving a lot.

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