Transform Flash Files into SEO Friendly XML

How do you make flash and swf files search engine friendly? If you want to perform search engine optimization on a flash website is essential to create a secondary static site that lies behind the dynamic flash.

If this is not an option, or the flash site is too large, convoluted or management will not allow an HTML version of flash or adobe flex, you can export flash content into XML files.

Use XSL (eXtensible Stylesheet Language) and transformation (XSLT) to rewrite an XML files containing data used in the SWF binary file. Each piece of content will have 3 files: the original SWF, an XML content file, and an XSL stylesheet. XSL looks very similar to HTML/CSS.

Comment from Matt Cutts

Note that if you stuffed keywords in your XML and then never used those words in your Flash/SWF, that would be considered spammy by most search engines and would be high-risk.

Read more about the holy grail of converting flex and adobe flash swf files into search engine friendly XML files at Metah.


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