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I like twitter and use it almost everyday to connect with contacts, spread humor and share information.

I found a new service that shows Twitter rankings for different keywords and phrases. I typed in “Barack Obama” and it broke their script 🙂 Most search terms get considerably less traffic, such as the one for my account “cvos”

Im happy to report that I am 16% positive 75% neutral and 8% negative. The service is a bit inaccurate, apparently using a single set of keywords to determine the opinion of a tweet. If no keywords in a tweet are in Twitrratr’s database the post will automatically be categorized as neutral. Some keywords are misrepresented, for example Ill is interpreted as ill, or illin when it is just a contraction of I will.

twitrratr twitter

Twitter is all about having fun while connecting with people and twitrratr makes good use of Twitters API to have fun with social data mining.

My twitrratr (this is very difficult to spell) keyword CVOS. Found at TC.


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  1. Thanks for the post!!! We ran into that issue just about right after you posted this I think. So that’s fixed, and we’ve been making tweaks and updates to the backend all week. I think we’ll be able to make this thing pretty darn accurate, so check back in a couple weeks, or follow us @twitrratr!!

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