Web Design

Get a website created for customers and designed for high sales conversions.

Netpaths web design brings the full range of available technologies to developing your project. We offer ongoing liaison, maintenance and updating, or your site may be so designed that it can be serviced by your own organization.

We offer a wide range of design services:

Web Design

Security & Firewall

Server Configuration

The Web Design Process

A business is often judged by the quality of its advertising. A slick, full-page ad in a national magazine is beyond the means of many, but a finely-crafted presence on the world wide web is within the reach of large corporation and small business alike.

Quality Assurance

Netpaths design company takes time to know your organization. With your guidelines and review, to select the images and essential information which will best serve your goals. We relish a sizable challenge, but when budget is a key factor in establishing an internet presence, we offer flexible, selection-based cost options. When necessary, we can cut to the core and yet create vital, effective websites. Why worry about your web designer when you can focus on your core business instead? We are based in Los Angeles California, but have an international client list.

An Informed Process

Netpaths web design brings the full range of available technologies to developing your project. Options and techniques will be explained in non-technical English and you will be able to follow development of your site online. For your completed site, we are specialists in the critical skill of search engine placement. We offer ongoing liaison, maintenance and updating, or your site may be so designed that it can be serviced by your own organization. Full information regarding visitors to your website will be readily available.

Redesign & Overhaul

Frequently a company will find its website inadequate for its present need. There many reasons a redesign or upgrade should be considered and equally many improvement opportunities to be realized

Some of these considerations are overlapping, each has a number of components.

Visitors rarely come back to a bad site. Netpaths.net can apply first-aid to help it rise new-born from the ashes.

Premade website templates are also an option if you need your site online quickly and have limited time for the design process. Content management systems are also an excellent way to easily make changes on your website. This program will allow you to change text on your site using an intuitive graphical interface in your internet browser.

There is consolation in such cases; the site that needs our help is rarely a complete loss. At the very least, it is a starting point for improving and updating your online presence. More importantly, making improvements to site structure can drastically improve its search engine ranking.


The internet offers unprecedented opportunity for both individuals and businesses to profit from a low overhead exposure to a potentially unlimited global audience. Solutions range from B2B, B2C and P2P methodologies.

Features Include:
4 Layers of E-Commerce Solutions

Like any business venture, one must approach e-commerce with a detailed strategy, a business plan, and a professional website. Our own dedicated system allows you access to a sophisticated shopping cart / secure server / credit card processing / merchant account.

An e-commerce solution, has 4 layers:

Netpaths supplies the first two layers, including a database program that collects orders. Clients must contract to a 3rd party for the second two layers – the Transaction Gateway and Merchant Account.

The Transaction Gateway links web processing to your Merchant (bank) Account, where deposits from sales are made. The most popular transaction gateways, include PayPal, Authorize.Net, Verisign, and advanced shopping carts.

Database Design

Websites that have search capabilities in them are database driven. The process is seamless, and the result is a usable amount of information instead of an unbearable inundation of pages. Past clients include databases of real estate properties, travel itineraries, hotel accomodations, and fine art holdings. These sites are set up on a custom basis, depending on the scope required by clients.

Customized Website Database Architecture

With very large sites, and those where content and function of the site rely on input from different disciplines or departments, Netpaths.net tailories the solution to your need, from modifying off-the-shelf programs to writing custom applications. Use our programming knowledge to create clean, fast, and profitable web based systems. Attaching this to a new website design can give your business a powerful web presence.


Back-end programming and development allows us to build scalable, custom solutions for your website and will allow it to run at optimum speed. PHP is a language used interface with MySQL, creating powerful data driven websites that are fast and reliable. An intuitive web based user interface can be installed to let the user visually manipulate their website, putting control firmly with the client.

Netpaths offers custom programming for dynamic websites, allowing customized scalable websites for any requirement.

Programming Languages Offered

Solutions include full featured CMS systems from WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and more. PHP Auction systems – full featured auction with customizable plugins.