Yahoo Answers Censors SEO Over Domain Parking Question

I posted what I thought was an innocent search engine optimization question in Yahoo Answers. I simply asked how I could get data feeds and affiliate links for Yahoo content as is displayed on this monetized domain name:

This site syndicates content from various Yahoo properties including Answers, Shopping, and tons of pay per click listings. All external links filter through ppcredir.geo?rank=3&type=Domain%20Match%20Subsequent%20Arbitrage

Very interesting, is Yahoo sponsoring in house PPC arbitrage campaigns? Is Yahoo disclosing to their advertisers and investors that they are getting into the spam content generation game? Is yahoo losing the plot over the free and open internet?
Other companies have tried to make money off their clients using cloaked content sites masquerading as simple PPC arbitrage ventures including valueclick VCLK and marchex MCHX.

yahoo answers screenshot
See my original post to here.

I don’t expect a response from Yahoo, I just wonder why they are censoring their discussion boards and possibly promoting domain name parking content. I hope no one else has been blatently censored by this internet giant.


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  1. it is my quite time trying to do SEO for the yahoo web site. The article was great to study and filled with which means full of understanding on the inner workings of the web’s oldest search engine.

  2. Hello, Would it be possible to make use of this great yahoo directory on my site? They have no search engine left, the web directory is all that remains of their unique products.

  3. I was checking continuously for details of how to SEO for Yahoo Answers, there are good ways to suck traffic out of this community.

  4. I care for Yahoo and value such information about their search engine a lot. I wish more people liked them.

  5. Where else could anybody get that kind of info about the inner workings of Yahoo? We predict yahoo will sell all their assets and run as a shell company using other’s technology.

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