About Our Company

Netpaths has been in business since the internet began.

We are professionals in our field who have dedicated our careers to untangling the web, and explain it clearly to our clients. We deploy business solutions quickly to ensure a good return on investment and maximize market share.

We create search engine friendly websites that present your products or service in a way that will generate search engine traffic and convert new visitors. Our focus is on providing you an unbeatable return on your investment.

We have a deep understanding of the search engines and the essential ingredients of user-friendly web design that will attract new customers and increase sales. You are an expert in your business and Netpaths can combine your specialized insight and our technical skills to create an online presence that will outshine and outperform your competition. How it works is that we know what motivates online shoppers so we researched the keywords your audience uses and use this information to optimize your website, create awareness, drive traffic, and deliver high-level conversions.

Netpaths has been in business since the internet began. We still work with many of our original clients. Our success rate is 100%. Many in their marketing jobs are referred to us because we are able to remove stumbling blocks from search engines and fix website problems that others cannot.

We stand by our values for each client.


Netpaths was founded to bridge the digital divide between internet users and e-business owners. If we can’t get your job done, we have a network of business professionals who can assist.


Communication with our clients is the most important part of our business. Fun is always part of the work equation. If a project is dull or uninteresting, it means something is amiss, and needs rectifying.


We strive to provide affordable effective solutions by placing a higher value on integrity than the dollar. We will yield to the lowest bidder when it is not possible to extend the level of service promised for the price needed to win the business.


We always guarantee the best product, for the lowest price, in the fastest time. Netpaths does not sacrifice quality to offer a lower price, to always maintain quality as the foremost part or our services.


We always provide our services in a timely manner. We guarantee ample notice to prevent time conflicts that might prevent us from meeting our deadlines or those of our client.


Lead by founder Cayley Vos, we are experts in creating search engine friendly websites that are easy for users to navigate.

The Netpaths Promise

The promises we make to you, our clients and our valued team members are the foundation of our business and the core of our daily activities. We publicly state our commitment to honor these principles as a contract with you.

You are empowered get the best advice and focused work to take your businesses to the next level.

We stand behind these personal promises.

Corporate Responsibility

As a financially independent, employee-controlled company, Netpaths is fundamentally committed to transparency and the highest level of ethics in our business practices. We publish and uphold these promises as a core component of our mission and values, knowing they create legally binding rights that the majority of our competitors would never give their customers.

Protected Pricing

If we don’t provide you additional value, we don’t charge additional fees. We will never arbitrarily raise your prices without a corresponding change in services requested.

Flexible Contract Terms

You have the freedom to choose the contract length most suitable to your business.

No-Penalty Termination Rights

You may terminate your contract at any point, without penalty.

Transparent Statements

You will receive clear billing statements with all charges and fees fully disclosed. Each cost and charging party will be communicated—meaning there will be no hidden fees, surcharges or additional premiums.

Adaptable Product Solutions

The Netpaths team will tailor our versatile product offerings to your specific needs. If necessary and possible, we will use our best efforts to integrate with your current hardware, legacy systems, vendors and competitors.

Top Security

Every effort will be made to optimize secure practices to protect your business.

Business Advocates

Our products are backed by individuals in your own community. We employ local sales representatives throughout the United States. The success of your business is important to Beyond’s sales representatives.

Exceptional Client Support

The Netpaths service center, based in Los Angeles, California, provides highly effective underwriting, efficient onboarding and personalized customer service.

A Deeper Mission

We have a philanthropic mission to support disadvantaged children and the environment. Our team believes passionately that natural resources should be conserved and used responsibly.