Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management

Effective, targeted ads may just be the spark your website needs.

Netpaths is a trusted provider of pay-per-click services for all the major search engines. As such they allow our customers to receive promotional discounts for new advertising accounts.

Paid Search Engine Marketing

Shopping aggregators and comparison shopping engines represent excellent opportunities to reach targeted advertisers. Use sales, discounts and freebies to make conversions:

Free Shipping

Clearance Items

Creating incentives such as rebates or cash back is also very effective.

Pay per call and online voice ads are effective for many businesses. They are more expensive than pay per click services, but historically return higher conversions.

1-800-Free-411 – technically not a search engine marketing product, this provides voice ads with free directory assistance. After generating 200 million calls during the first year, this has proven to be a market changing business. If you have a B2C business, check out this Free 411 service and test it with your local ads.

FREE Pay-Per-Click Credits

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