Search Engine Optimization

Let natural results push traffic to you.

Your website deserves to be ranked #1 for your targeted keywords. We want to help you get more targeted traffic, and have a 100% success rate with all our search engine optimization campaigns.

Effective SEO leads to conversions.

The most important part of your online marketing campaign is conversions and sales, and we help drive target traffic to your website through targeted keyword placements in Google and the other search engines.

Another secret we want to share with you: Google wants your quality website to rank highly for keywords relevant to your industry.

Yes, the unspoken desire of Google is that your website ranks well, because this makes their search engine better. Schemers and spammers are always using automated tactics to try to manipulate search engines results pages and fill search engines with low quality content. Your website with well written, engaging and targeted content will present a better experience for searchers, so you actually make Google look like they are doing a better job. By helping Google rank your website you are improving their brand, and they will reward you with good traffic from highly active keyword searches. works with cutting edge technology and continuously studies new topics in search engine marketing to keep up with the changing nature of internet search and classification resources.


Find appropriate keywords that will bring highest amount of traffic.

Modify existing HTML pages, creating internal link structure and incorporate keywords properly.

Link building campaign

Social media and content updates

Successful SEO requires:

A comprehensive knowledge base of information is required for maximum results.

Continuous research and tweaking is required to maintain top positioning.

Designing, writing, and coding your entire website to maximize your chances of ranking well in search results.

Optimization for specific search engines using our unique software will get you more traffic.

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Don't let your SEO tail wag your website dog.

What this means is that you should never sacrifice design, usability and positive branding experience for better search engine placement. Rankings without sales are useless, and the most important aspect of your business is to have a website with high conversions

Our services are designed to attract, engage and retain customers. From email marketing and search engine optimization to interactive tools, e-mail newsletters and loyalty programs, Netpaths has developed the systems and techniques to help your company stay competitive. Join our partner search engine forums to participate in a discussion of current search engine topics.