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prweb logo Brand new 2016 $50 discount PRweb coupon will save you a huge amount for each press release submission. Plus receive a $75 Adwords credit with any advanced press release package.

The revamped PR Web premium press release wire service is a very unique opportunity to get targeted traffic from authoritative news outlets. All orders have guaranteed same day placement with approval*.

PRweb is the largest press release distribution outlet and is not known for giving out free specials, so act now while the discount is still valid.

We have a special code to get this amazing deal, just use the unique link given to us by the PRweb marketing team below:

To claim your $50 discount click here.

This is a special deal for new accounts wishing to syndicate business news online to over 100 trusted news sources. The offer for PRweb coupons is to sponsor businesses looking for new exposure online through online promotional methods by driving free targeted traffic to your website.

There is no catch, we just want to share this special resource with you as it has helped us increase our business over 10% per year.

Read how Robb Hamic used PRweb to get his self defense website to rank #1 in Google for his most important keywords using the legendary PRweb system.

In addition, all the press release submission options include valuable backlinks to your site, which bring in perpetual benefits for search engine ranking. Using PRweb allows you to receive high quality links from trusted authority media properties, and this more than pays for the cost of the service.

Don’t get left out of the game, make sure your press releases are shown on all major media websites and get your news syndicated in less than 24 hours.

This $50 off PRweb coupon code works on all submission tiers, from the cheap basic submission to the advanced news release with links, embedded images and video.

This link will get you to the exclusive PRweb discount page.

Sending out successful press releases is an art and in order to get the right exposure it takes a lot of research and preparation to craft a winning piece.

The most important part is researching what keywords you should use in the release and have targeted landing pages setup on your website that will be linked from each keyword in your release. It is very important to pay for the enhanced distribution option that will allow multiple clean links back to your website. If you can insert 2 or more highly relevant keyword links to your site you will have the possibility of instantly gaining targeted, relevant, high quality links from authority news websites.

Distributing a press release on PRweb is the tactic used by our clients to get an instant boost in traffic, and long term exposure through major online media properties.

Traditional press releases have little weight in the online news cycle, but the link benefit from instantly being listed in 1000+ sources is a huge search engine advantage.

Signup Details

  1. Register for a free account on PRWeb.com and register for a “Free Webinar” once you are in your account. On the left-hand side of “My Account” you’ll see the platform trainer, smiling at you.
  2. Once you receive your confirmation Webinar email, login to prweb.com
    Using your PRWeb.com coupon code will provide access to a free one-hour New User Orientation Webinar is offered twice per week. You will learn how to maximize your free top tier 10% PRWeb.com discount press release and incorporate it into your existing search engine marketing efforts.

This PRweb coupon link has no expiration date for the remainder of the year!

Notes from above

* $75 AdWords credit is only available with the two highest packages, for first time AdWords users in the U.S. and Canada

* Guaranteed same-day placement is only available if you purchase the $100 priority distribution, and then it’s contingent upon editorial approval. The top two packages have a one day turnaround, and the other packages have two day turnarounds.

A big shout out to the bloggers who are helping to promote prweb coupons. If you have a discount code, please leave them in the comments. Learn more from online marketing and PR experts from Empower Women Now entrepreneurs.

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    Does anyone know if this is a one time deal or can you get multiple discount submissions?
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    It only works on new prweb accounts, so do as many releases as you can!

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