$125 Facebook Coupon Codes Free Social Network Advertising Credit

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facebook icon Brand new 2016 FaceBook coupon codes for $125 advertising credits for all new facebook accounts with our special link.

We are big fans of the facebook system and are beginning to use it as a replacement for the other online ad networks.

Facebook has more traffic and lower per click costs so it makes sense for all advertisers to try it out. You should try to use the CPM model to test ads, focusing on the image.

New Facebook coupons:
instant $125 credit

Here is a bonus for you: watch a live presentation of is this the end of the web as we know it and see why Google is scared to death of the Facebook generation.

The most effective media type is an in post ad. We only create ads that display in a user’s news feed as these have had the best return on our investment, and are the only ad types that work on mobile devices.

So save your money and use the in post ad with a compelling offer.

Facebook is an excellent ad medium because it offers the following:

  • Huge traffic source – more pageviews than Google
  • Low cost per click – average CPC is only .40 compared to $1 or more at Google
  • Extremely targeted – Facebook knows everything about its users and you can pinpoint ads directly at the most likely prospects
  • Easy to use – the ad system is simple to setup, maintain and track
  • Customer Support – Facebook will help you with ads and do it cheerfully. Just try to contact the other online ad networks. Google does not openly provide emails or phone suppport

Facebook coupon code: FB-SES-NY

Go to www.facebook.com/ads to get started using your free $50 coupon code.

Another way to get a free Facebook ad credit is to signup at Pepperjam. All Pepperjam affiliate accounts receive a $50 Facebook promo code and it is free to join. So apply to be a Pepperjam reseller and receive your advertising voucher.

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  1. Mo Says:

    Why does it say the facebook coupon is used on another account?

    Is this just a one shot thing only one person can use? Help me understand… 🙁

  2. bobby drake Says:

    Does anyone know where I can find more free facebook advertising applications?

  3. 360mate.com Says:

    Got the same I need a coupon ASAP..

    There was an error
    This code has already been activated on your account.

  4. Classified Ads On Facebook, Selling To Broke Students Says:

    […] Facebook social network launched a branded classifieds section using technology from Oodle. This is an excellent strategic move, and saves them hundreds of thousands of dollars and lets them launch instantly. Writing your own code always takes longer and costs more. What is unclear is how much these students will engage in commerce. Everyone I knew in college was flat broke, and shopping was the last thing on anyone’s mind (unless you use a facebook coupon). […]

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    Wanna earn money everyday to buy FBcredits by just clicking Ads? These are scam offers, be wary of blindly advertising in Facebook.

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    Just copy in paste the code in the payment method screen after you set up your business page. The coupon was found in the Entreprenuer magazine October 2010. Coupon expires October 31st, 2010.

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    i have Facebook Coupon $50

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    Can i get a facebook coupon, or are u just bragging?

  29. Eduardo Gerguson Says:

    Maybe someone can clarify something about the facebook network for me, and why they are so stingy with their ad plans.

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    For some reason only fifty percent of the facebook coupons work.

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  56. Ramiro Says:

    Facebook ads are not a great

    Thesese ads are cheap, yes, $0.08(compared with $0.3 for adwords in my case) because their traffic is cheap!, for several products these cheap clics are unusefull because there are no sales.
    we used facebook for a few of days, for one day, we received 64 clicks inside facebook but statcounter says only 59. What is wrong, who lies.?

    Adwords is other thing.
    I’am sorry, but i’am not fan of facebok, my advice is don’t make expectatives of it.Aniways try it.

    Huge traffic source – more pageviews than Google Yes, but this traffic is Low Quality.
    Low cost per click – Cheap but not effective.
    Extremely targeted – facebook users are not interested in buying products as adwords users.

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    Where should i input this coupon number?

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    all it asks for is credit card or paypal
    Ask4Hint recently posted..The Cheapest Womb- India’s Surrogate MothersMy Profile

  83. Romain Simon Says:

    There’s a link after your choose credit card or paypal, just below… but you must enter your payment info and validate.
    I did it, entered the code 36KT-32T1-F16K-5N9M but the code did not work and FB validated my ad. Maybe it’s because my account is in € ?

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