E-Commerce Website Secrets That Increase Conversions

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Below is a fantastic infographic outlining methods e-commerce websites use to increase sales and improve buyer conversions. This graphic breaks down the sales process of a retail website into steps:

  1. Design – using creatives and images to build trust
  2. Buying Elements – make it easy to buy from you, remove purchasing obstacles
  3. Social Proof – using 3rd party verification to improve trust: testimonials, ratings, buyers guides
  4. Pricing – using a free trial to bring you in, free shipping, upsells
  5. Scarcity – using timers to show ending deals, showing the remaining items in stock, remaining seats on an airplane, remaining tickets to a show
  6. Follow Up – reminder emails with products you placed in your cart but did not purchase, ad retargeting showing products you looked at on other websites

ecommerce website tricks

This fantastic ecommerce examination infographic was created by vouchercodes using visual.ly

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12 Responses to “E-Commerce Website Secrets That Increase Conversions”

  1. phillip Says:

    These points mentioned above are really great!
    I would want to add another point, each image of the product must have 4-5 describing the products. A customer must know as to why? he should buy your product & the new things that your product offers that your competitors don’t.

  2. Athol Says:

    Enfin un bon article sur ce sujet,j e suis un geek blogger et j’ai parfois du mal a trouver des articles qui changent.

  3. Aida Marxen Says:

    I prefer to take breaks throughout my site to allow people the option to browse before they buy. Our link strategy so far is a dud.

  4. gaucho Says:

    Wonderful element to show how online selling works. I have a new adsense site and am pushing it hard.

  5. Mischa Beck Says:

    I’ve got the idea alright of how you need a niche market, a product within that market and traffic to get to your website to sell that product but we need to know – Should I pay for SEO mentoring to create my e-commerce website because I seem too overwhelmed by it all? It is so hard to operate an online webstore.

  6. Laronda Connole Says:

    There is an issue together with the site that uses magento to sell products, this is a slow platform.

  7. Prizzi Says:

    what e-commerce theme are you currently working with that provides the best SEO benefit?

  8. Delmer Alvira Says:

    Good way of telling how to find ecommerce sites that excel.

  9. Mythili Rajathi Says:

    A powerful way to increase e-commerce sales is to optimize individual pages. I had just given this to a colleague who was doing an seo analysis on creating linkable product pages.

  10. Ray Says:

    The original version of our ecommerce site for sunglasses were designed specifically to provide maximum search engine rankings, but we found that this degraded the user experience. All early versions of our site were nightmares to actually use, which did not help sales.

  11. Williams Rittenberry Says:

    this is interesting to know how to optimize individual ecommerce pages but we are getting killed by amazon.com.

  12. Leonardo Bobson Says:

    i just found my shop website on bing and
    i keep posting something new to attract more shoppers through SEO.

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