Create Contests To Build Links and Grow Your Community

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We recommend you implement a fantastic marketing tactic that is designed to bring in more users/subscribers/buyers. This strategy lets you gain notoriety the old fashioned way: giving away free money while providing tremendous value to your subscribers and customers.

the list of valuable prizes includes:

– 5 copies of Joe Vitale’s book on Mastermind Group success Meet & Grow Rich
– A FREE copy of the #1 Ranked SEOBook donated by Aaron Wall
– A FREE Premium subscription donated by Lee Dodd
– A FREE ticket to SOBCon in May donated by Liz Strauss
– A $500 Coupon off of an Elite Retreat ticket
– The *Grand Prize* is a FREE phone consultation with Jeremy “ShoeMoney” Shoemaker and myself to talk specifically about how to grow your blog or business
– Special ‘SURPRISE’ prizes along the way

Emom has created the perfect viral marketing strategy by creating a huge incentive to participate in her community and help improve her search engine rankings with more links.

Now, go start your own contest!

Read more at Emoms, a great resource for women entrepreneurs.

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  1. Lane Goodberry Says:

    And… I guess more traffic and search engine optimizing work will mean more conversions. Of course the efficacy of give-aways depends upon the target audience, but Emoms may have to kiss a lot of frogs on the way to increasing profitability. Assuming, of course, profitability matters. Don’t get me wrong, I agree that free stuff gets attention. Good content and quality products or services will have to keep that attention, though, and turn interest into action.

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