DoubleClick Triples In Value In 2 Years, Google Buys

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google doubleclick logoGoogle just announced they have purchased the original banner ad network for 3.1 billion. Started in 1996, doubleclick has been serving up annoying banner ads to web users on major websites. Originally given up for dead, the company was taken private in 2005 by Hellman & Friedman and JMI Equity for $1.1 billion. Now 2 years later they sold it for over 3 billion in cash, not stock. NY Times estimates DoubleClick’s revenues are about $300 million/year making the purchase 10x its revenue.

Wow. This private equity firm made the deal of a lifetime. A lot of people are talking about this deal – it will make waves in the advertising industry as Google is looking like the only player in town.

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