SEOmoz Tweetup Event at the Pubcon Search Conference

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We were fortunate enough to go to the legendary Pubcon SEO conference in Las Vegas to hear the best minds talk about search and network with some of the finest SEO’s on the planet.

This a recap of the conference event hosted by the great folks at SEOmoz who create tools to manage your online marketing campaigns and track the links on the world wide web.

Can you find yourself in these photos?

seomoz pubcon
The scene at the SEOmoz sponsored 2010 Pubcon networking event. Packed house, great people, good times.

rick seomoz
Rick Nakao at the SEOmoz Pubcon conference event.

jen johanna aaron adam
Jen, Johanna, Aaron, Adam SEOmozzers

seomoz panorama
Panorama image of the event participants

happy gillian adam
A happy Gillian and Adam

cayley seomoz
Cayley Vos at the SEOmoz gathering

cayley event
Cayley engaged with an SEO Mozzer

jessica alex
Jessica and Alex waiting for important things

alex jessica max
Alex, Jesssica and Max at the front of the line

prize giveaway
The much anticipated prize giveaway and contest winner announcement

aaron adam
SEOmoz crew Aaron Wheeler and Adam Feldstein

seomoz tweetup
Inside shot of the event

seomoz bot
The SEOmoz Bot will find all your connections and links to others

Thanks for the great event and friendly reception. Please post your reactions and more photos in the comments.

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6 Responses to “SEOmoz Tweetup Event at the Pubcon Search Conference”

  1. Charles Mason Says:

    This was a great event, good to see so many familiar faces.

  2. Rodgerson Says:

    Great seomoz pubcon event.

  3. Carneal Says:

    I needed to thank you for this great SEO event.

  4. Alex Says:

    Why Freebies are Link Building Gold

    you notice the SEOmoz branding? It was there helping subsidise the cost of the day, and here’s one article of many that gave SEOmoz a link afterwards. They also compiled the photo above and many more, all of the links from the pubcon event linked back to their site.

  5. Rand Moz Says:

    This is like my third time visiting the SEO meetup – so many great marketers!

  6. Dr Adam Says:

    Where is it going to be this year (Vegas 2012)?

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