7 Must Follow SEO Tips For Quickly Building Links

link building flowchart We have created a list of seven ways to get links that will drive new traffic and search engines will love. Persuading other websites to link to you is easier with a solid plan and consistent dedication to the task. The link building flowchart on the left outlines the process of building links.

7 Link Building Tips

  • Lists – The easiest way to grab peoples attention when presenting valuable information is to create lists. A list is easier to scan and has a higher perceived value than endless paragraphs of unformatted text. Think David Letterman’s daily top 10.
  • Controversy – People love to read material that is controversial and strongly opinionated. One example is the Huffington Post, which writes with passion, opinion and strong words. It works, as some articles have over 20,000 comments and get shared thousands of times on social networks.
  • Research – Original research and unique history that is original, timely and useful. Find a topical subject and try to find another angle to write about it from. Send out a taster as a newsletter or pdf file.
  • Content Sharing – Post original articles on other websites and require a link back to your site. I have had great success from emailing bloggers in my niche and asking if they would accept a quality post from me. Most bloggers are hungry for new ideas and fresh content and readily accept well written posts from industry experts.
  • Infographics – Excellent examples of infographics are found in high quality news sites and Ezines such as Newsweek, Time.com, and the NYtimes. Infographics are beautiful graphical designs that explain complex data. A picture is worth a thousand words, and a quality infographic can be worth 1000 links.
  • Continuous Updates – Websites are dynamic, and people expect you to update your online presence. Blogs are the best way to do this, but any new content pages are good.
  • Widgets – Simple items that people can place on their website or blog.  High profile examples include D&B, BBB, TrustLink, StatCounter, Vimeo, MicroPoll and many others. Create a service that solves a problem, provides value and is easy to implement.

Invite people to email you and answer their questions. Become a guru, an expert, a resource, a destination on the internet – you can be a Wikipedia in your niche.

Generate content by had writing about what you love. If you don’t enjoy the subject, outsource this task. No one will read words that have no passion behind them. If you can’t get the energy to write for your audience, how can you expect them to expend energy to consume your content?

Do not use automation to generate massive backlinks or create content. Websites are born, not spun – creating a good product that people will be passionate about takes time. If you would like to submit an article for publication on this SEO blog please contact us, we love hearing from new authors.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these amazing link building tips. It really help webmasters to build high quality back links.

  2. I am so happy that you are feeling better. That you are doing it with grace, humility and insight is not a surprise. Sending you a massive hug .. Thank you

  3. Thanks for this amazing article it would help the beginners who are in the field of SEO. I am also an SEO Expert at AnaxDesigns which is a website that has all the web design solutions and is a web design and development agency.

  4. Hey!
    I am new in blogging and researching for SEO tips.
    The 7 SEO tips you share are useful.
    Are you sure that these tips are not prohibited by Google and will not affect the Site ranking?
    Looking for your response thank you

  5. i am for the first time trying to do serious SEO on my site and am using the 3 step annihilation method to generate links. others like you helped me.

  6. yeah it does take a lot of time to get traffic to a new site, i keep hoping something will take off some day soon with our SEO campaign.

  7. i am little bit confused about creating Infographics, can you explain this or you have an SEO article that focuses on viral traffic?

  8. its quite interesting, your SEO tips. I would like to know that how can I create backlinks for my site? could you please guide me – I already have a site which contains lots of content on the Technical Information Sector, so how can i do it?

  9. excellent link building post. I always say that the best link building tactics that are the easist ways to convert readers are the simple ones.

  10. There are several link building messages in the above figure. Importantly, links of a given authority will vary considerably in the ranking effect it has on your website.

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