7 Simple On Page SEO Tips for Long Term Results

On Page SEO display chart Search engine optimization has many different aspects, but the on page tips should always be implemented in any content that is posted. In this article, we are going to cover 7 great practices that should help keep your site ranked as high as possible.

Overall Content

Everyone always talks about other on page aspects of SEO, but the most important part aside from a website that’s easy to navigate is always going to be the content in itself. If people are not going to the page, then search engines won’t rank it highly. Period. It doesn’t matter what type of content it is, the higher quality and the more value it offers, the more people will be attracted to it. Once you start seeing large amounts of traffic, you will also see your rankings continue to rise.

Linkable Pages

In the eyes of a search engine, a page that people are unable to link to is extremely bad. Some examples of this happening are content that is only seeable after logging in, content that is unable to be shared, and certain types of image slide shows. If your content is hard to be found, it won’t be seen much, so make it linkable and sharable.


It is really important to make sure and tag everything correctly. Search engines use these tags to check what the content is about, how well it is formatted, and also will punish websites that are not using proper coding techniques. These tags include the title tag, which is the most important, and also header tags such as, h1 or h2.

URL Structure

The URL of the domain name as well as the internal linking helps search engines rank the pages accordingly. By entering what the page is about in the URL, you are helping the search engine understand the page content. For example, if the page about making a website, then a good URL would be http://www.example.com/archive/how-to-market-a-website/.

A lot of times you will see websites that make their URLs in a number sequence or some other algorithm that makes it hard for search engines and people to know what it is about. An example of a bad URL would be http://www.example.com/123/1169876. Even though the search engine can see the domain, they don’t know what the content focus is right away, hurting your overall SEO.

Having the right URL also helps them determine the relevancy between anchor texts and the page itself. If the search engine can easily see that the anchor text says “make a website”, and the same shows in the URL it is pointing to, then the search engine can make an easy decision that shows the link is relevant to the anchor text.

Add Image Alt Text

A lot of websites lack the text that is required by search engines to know what the image is. To make sure that the image is registered by the search engine, you should always make sure and have the alt text that has a short and accurate description.


You should always have links that go to your homepage, to other internal content, and a link that goes to some type of site map. Links are essential for the search engine spiders to crawl your website and find new content or any changes that have been made. Without a link, the spiders have no way of finding the page and that runs the risk of you never being ranked at all.


This has been a priority for SEO since the dawn of search engines. The search engine algorithms change all of the time when it comes to how they view the keywords, but they still do hold a big part of getting ranked properly. You should always have done your keyword research and have a specific search term that you want to target. Those keyword should be implemented in your titles, URLs, and spread out through the content. You don’t want to use the keywords to much because that is considered keyword stuffing and you could be penalized for it, just keep it natural.

There are plenty more SEO tips and techniques to get ranked higher, but these 7 should get you headed in the right direction. You can learn more about UI and navigation here.


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