Add Google Webmaster Tools Gadgets To Your Homepage

Google Webmaster Tools can now display on your homepage. This is a huge competitive advantage for google, as having your website stats on your start page is convenient and helpful. One more reason to use for your homepage – I do. GWT is the only location that shows accurate link count data and any website spidering issues.

Steps add your website stats to your Google homepage

  1. Login to GWT
  2. Navigate to Tools -> Gadgets
  3. Choose the datapoints of interest

Now you can see all your important website data and get immediate alerts to any potential problems with the Googlebot. Gbot now has one more hook into webmasters screen real estate, and it is slowly taking over our lives.

google webmaster tools

I’m a sucker for good data, and the GWT doesn’t disappoint. Hat tip to Shoemoney for this Google gadget.


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  1. How any webmaster ninjas out there have more than 3 or so skill sets under them? I can barely keep up with php and backlinking.

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