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Adtoll looks like a very promising publisning and advertising network. Ad Toll is based in Australia and has a loyal following of international websites.

They offer video ads, square buttons, Leaderboard, Skyscraper, full banner ads and text link ads. The nice thing about this network is the amount of stats you can see for each publisher, and a detailed rate card for each ad opportunity.

This service is similar to AdBrite, but with more transparency and very simple targeting options. It is easy to keep adult/gambling/pills off your site, which is extremely important to me.

The ad code generation process is straightforward and easy to use, with multiple display options including the ability to disable the “served by” ad text.

One thing that is strange is the ad cost, there seems to only be one option to charge weekly. It would be nice to have a more defined CPM or even CPC with the advertising.

From their ad site:

4 years of online advertising experience adtoll identified the need for a reliable and feature rich Ad Management service. AdToll is a trustworthy service that allows web site owners to generate revenue through advertising. AdToll is the link between Publishers who want to sell ads on their web sites and Advertisers who want to buy ads.

The people involved in the development and operations teams of AdToll have a diverse range of qualifications and skills including Business Management, Engineering, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Information Technology and Law. The AdToll team is dedicated to providing the best service available and to assist customers to achieve their goals.

Ad Toll Mission Statement: To be the first choice Ad Management service for web site owners and to provide a healthy return on investment for Advertisers and Publishers.

This is an ad network i will definintely test.

Below is an example of and ad toll banner ad:


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