Adwords URL Display Policy

Google has created a new set of rules for their adwords program, which bring them 98% of their revenue.

The rule is displayed in adwords help

When you create your ad, you’ll also specify a destination URL, which is the exact URL within your website you want to send users to from your ad.

This is translated below

If your adwords spend < $10000/mo the display URL must exactly match the destination URL.
If your adwords spend > $10000/mo you can use any URL you wish

So these rules indicate you cannot have a website and a display URL

Here is one example of the Google Adwords display policy in effect

Disney is using the display URL: which redirects to

See the query here


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  1. Sanity check fool – the url policy does not work this way. It is set as shown on the adwords site for ALL advertisers irrespective of spend!

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