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I took a flight on Alaska Airlines from Los Angeles to Seattle on March 1 of this year and it was fine, save for my bags. Yes the bags were lost but returned to me the same day. I was very happy to have my bags back within 24 hours, but contacting Alaska baggage recovery was a real pain.

None of the direct phone numbers worked, and I had to call several times before a helpful ticket agent was able to respond. As instructed on the recovery website I emailed baggage claim on 3/1/07. Today, 4/25/07 I received this response:


Dear Cayley,

Thank you for your email regarding your recent travel experience. On behalf of Alaska Airlines, please accept my apology for the experience you have had with your baggage.

At Alaska Airlines, we strive to get our customers and their bags where we promise, when we promise while providing exceptional service that builds a relationship and encourages customers to return. Careful handling of your luggage is a critical part of this service and I am sorry we did not meet our goals in this instance.

If your inconvenience required purchase of clothing or toiletries while waiting for recovery you can mail your purchase receipts to our office for reimbursement. Our address is:

Alaska Airlines Central Baggage Service
PO Box 68900
Seattle, WA 98168

Thank you for taking the time to contact us. We value your business and hope to welcome you on board an Alaska Airlines or Horizon Air flight in the future.

Central Baggage Service
Reference#: ******

I had already submitted the claim check for a $25 reimbursement 4/5/07 and have heard nothing back. I’m sure Alaska Airlines receives tons of baggage issues and has a huge amount of people to deal with, but this is late. This poor chap lost a lot more, a good reminder to never check valuables.

Maybe I should be grateful the airline e-mailed me at all.

UPDATE 5/18/07

I just got a response from Alaska Air baggage claim. They sent me a very nice letter that was addressed by hand! Amazing, I actually received a hand edited letter from a huge corporation. The letter is dated May 2, even though i received it May 18. Also, their stated maximum claim is $25, but they gave me the full amount I submitted.

After waiting so long it is nice to have this resolved and end on a positive note.

alaska air baggage letter

I’ll be sharing this story with all my friends and family. Go ahead and book a discount travel package with them today.


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