Google Engineer Jonathan Simon Answers SEO Questions

Jonathan Simon posted the questions and answers he received while at Las Vegas Pubcon 2007 on Google Groups.

The search engine optimization crowd grilled the engineer on several pressing online marketing questions and he provides useful advice to improve your rankings and reduce stress.


If your content is being scraped, it is a nuisance, but not the end of the world. however if they outrank you, send a spam report to Google or file a DMCA take down notice.


Google recommends that if you’re already getting a lot of visibility with PPC, you should still make your site search-engine friendly to get natural rankings. Jonathan recommends maintaining a crawler friendly site to guarantee maximum exposure from all online avenues.

SEO focus for Large Sites

If you have a mammoth website, focus on SEO for the entire site, not just core pages.

Reputation Monitoring

To be updated of mentions of your company, subscribe to Google Alerts or to an RSS feed of Google’ blogsearch or technorati to monitor usage of your particular search phrase or brand.

Additional questions and answers are provided at Google Groups.


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