Collactive Launches All Points Bulletin Free For All

logo-collactive.pngWant to get more votes for your article or blog post? This new service by Collactive lets you spam submit your content for a peer review voting similar to digg. Since the service is new, it should be much easier to spam get more votes and views of your quality content.

The functionality is a simple web 2.0 voting system, in which you can submit any type of content including videos, photos and articles. At present the number 10 result is ‘The Ultimate Bikini Contest” although to be fair the #1 result is an article warning against child abuse.

all points bulletinThe All Points Bulletin name reminds me of a 1980’s episode of CHiPs with Ponch and Jon chasing down bad guys on the highways of Los Angeles. So far this service has not been used altruistic purposes, but as yet another tool to manipulate the social networks of Digg, Reddit, and Netscape.

Read heated and passionate discussion about Collactive: Evsionlab, Alarm Clock, Isulongseophil, Publishing 2.0, & Mashable.

Ponch – we need you to steer your police motorcycle onto the information superhighway to fight spammers and Digg manipulators!


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