How To Create a Custom Single Page Sales Letter

A single page sales letter can create huge sales for your product, and has the ability to transform your business.

We have written a sample sales letter for a fictitious online product and dissected the copy structure from beginning to end.

This uses a simple outline that many internet marketers use to sell prouducts, feel free to swipe this and modify it for your own products.

Anatomy of a Single Page Sales Letter

  • At the top is the pre-head – it makes a call out to a targeted audience.

Attention Small Business Owners!

  • The headline must instantly grab your prospect’s attention

“Finally an Online Marketing System That is Guaranteed to Increase Your Sales in 2 Weeks or Your Money Back! “

  • The sub-heading adds more information to gain your prospect’s interest

Our Online Marketing System  Generates More Leads, Attracts More Customers, Increases Sales Volume, and Saves You Money!

  • The salutation is important to personalize the copy to your target audience

Dear Website Owner,

  • The first paragraph of the body is called the lead paragraph and is where you want to entice the reader to keep reading.

If your sales are down or you have wasted thousand of dollars on marketing programs that don’t work, I’ve got good news for you.

  • The body tells the story and gives details.

My name is ___ and I have seen companies waste money on internet marketing programs for over 15 years. Time and again they fall for a sales pitch from some slick firm using key words that get them to buy, only to be left later with a mediocre website, unhappy customers, and no new sales. After seeing the aftermath over and over again I knew there had to be a better way. I knew my clients were getting better results for less money!

That’s when I set out to build a n online marketing system that works, costs less money, takes less time, and requires less work from you. I spent hundreds of hours with my clients researching, designing, and perfecting one system after another. Finally I have consolidated my system into a simple straight forward process that anyone can use. My program has been proven by top small businesses in the US and more than doubled the revenue of many small businesses.

Within a few weeks my clients were increasing their revenue, getting more customers, all for less money. I haven’t seen a single client who is ready for growth not get results. Best of all my simple program works anywhere, without huge amounts of money or resources. Simply start the program follow the steps and you are on your way. It’s so easy – you never have to worry about where your business is headed again.

Customers will flock to your door because the program aligns all of your potential customers to buy and trust your business. Once they’re in there’s no escape because they will never consider doing business with someone else again. I call it Customers For Life.

  • Bullet points are key to your sales letter, and make it easier to read the text. Don’t only list features, make sure you translate features into benefits.

Why should you grab the Marketing System right now?

Increases your sales in 14 days or less – guaranteed so you’ll never have a revenue problem again.

  1. Easy so that any Small Business Owner Can Get Started Today
  2. Increased Sales in 14 days or Less Guaranteed
  3. Will save you thousand of dollars on your business marketing year after year
  4. The program attracts the right customers that stay with you for life
  5. Your revenue problem will be gone in 14 days or we’ll send you a refund for every penny – including shipping!
  • Testimonials offer social proof

I had already experienced one business failing that resulted in bankruptcy and was facing another one when I met Mark at a conference. I knew something good was going to come of our meeting, I just didn’t know what. After six months on the Marketing System, my struggling publication that was about to shut down, grew 50 percent larger, I increased my revenue 300 percent, and attracted some of the most well-known names in our industry. I can’t believe all of this happened so fast. I know without a doubt that without the Marketing System I would not be in this place today.”

Josh Adams, Los Angeles CA

  • This trial close introduces the guarantee

I know it sounds too good to be true, but what can I say? This Marketing System really works! I’m so confident it’s the best, the only Marketing System you’ll ever need – I back it with my own, personal 100% lifetime no-hassle guarantee!

  • The guarantee takes the risk away from the prospect

100% lifetime no-hassle guarantee!

If you’re ever not satisfied with our online marketing system for any reason, simply return it and I’ll promptly refund every penny. I’ll even pay for return postage.

You’ve got nothing to lose except your revenue problem. So how much does the “perfect marketing program” set you back?

  • The offer tells what they get for how much and why they should buy right now. It also asks for the order!

Order today and I’ll ship your Marketing System by Priority Mail for only $xxx.xx. Remember you’ll be making more money in 2 weeks or we’ll give you your money back.

Can’t wait? Have your Marketing System shipped immediately by Next Day Delivery!Order before Noon EST and we’ll ship it out today for a small additional fee.

  • Call to action – usually accompanied by an order button

Don’t delay! Order Now.

  • Closing identifies the seller, connects with the reader.


Your Esteemed Name

  • The P.S. Strengthens the deal in some way.

The preceding is a template to help you write a direct response landing page, and shows an effective outline for selling informational products online. This outline has been proven to sell huge amounts of infoproducts and can serve as a base for your own online sales page. Each audience responds to copy differently, so you should customize this and test it to get the best conversion for your specific product.

I am eager to hear of your success using this landing page swipe example copy, tell me how it goes for you in the comments.


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