Create A Custom iPhone App With A Simple Software System

myappcreator.jpg Ever wanted you own iPhone app but didn’t know where to start? We checked out MyAppCreator from Trey Smith to see just how easy it is to create your own app and were impressed by the setup.

He has created a video that outlines how he is making $115 per day on a .99 app called Kolo’s Journey. Using an outsourced software developer he was able to create a professional looking iPhone game for only $1750 and should be profitable within 1 month.

The service that makes this a killer app is the drop dead simple method of creating your app and they have a free powerpoint template to get you started creating the app. Using a web based interface you can pick and choose objects and information that you wish to display. Manage your video, audio, event, Twitter, and news content in real time. Don’t waste time and money rebuilding your application and waiting for approval.

Without needing to create a complex diagram or study usability you can be in the app store the same day, without having to hire graphic designers, programmers and social media marketing specialists.

Who else can get you into the iTunes app store with no fuss?

What you need before you start

  1. A news feed, which can be your blog. As long as you create content regularly, and update this website it will be consumed by users.
  2. A Twitter feed to grow your network and enhance your brand. Your app users will have instant access to your most current tweets.
  3. Media: audio or video. Generate interesting content for your users and you will be rewarded with a large, engaged audience.

If you are an author, speaker, entertainer, musician, athlete, home based business, this app was made for you. You can create 2 versions of your app: free and paid. Use a free version to gain users and upsell to a premium paid app.

Steps to App Creation

  1. Template Selection
  2. App Settings
  3. Home Screen Layout
  4. News Screen Layout
  5. Event Screen Layout
  6. Media Screen Layout
  7. Twitter Screen Layout
  8. Content Settings
  9. Media Settings
  10. Event Settings
  11. Monetization Settings

My App Creator has created iPhone mobile applications for individuals, businesses, and media outlets such as: AT&T, MC Hammer, Joel Comm, Charles Trippy,, and others

myapp user logos

The only downside is the price, which will keep away some hobbyists. The setup fee is $297.00 with $27.00/mo hosting fee and an additional $97.00 for the optional analytics and monetization package.

Checkout My App Creator and feature your product or service in the iPhone store.


*update: the site listed some information about their app submission process that was unclear, and this post has been modified accordingly. We have seen free coupon codes and discounts for this service and will post discounted trials here as we receive them.


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37 Responses

  1. I do not know whether its just me or if everyone else encountering a huge explosion in mobile content development.

  2. The most reasonable package I’ve come across for customizable apps is from Nov8rix. they do iPhone and Android apps. People don’t often realize that an app is only as successful as its content.

    Unlimited changes on content throughout your app will help build lifetime users on the iOS program.

  3. I always wanted to have an Iphone someday and if I have it I will surely install this software application. Hoping someday will give me an Iphone so I can create my own games.

  4. WOW you can create your own iphone app with one click and develop a game that can earn a residual income. I will checkout the iphone software system.

  5. Do you have facebook profile or fan page? I was searching with your blog title for one on facebook but did not find one and I want to learn how to generate traffic to my facebook fan page.

  6. Just went to the myappcreator website and they are no longer taking orders as ‘Apple has too many iPhone applications.’ Did Apple say they had too many apps, or myappcreator? Too many apps?

  7. I just yesterday got the HTC Incredible. I love it for creating android apps. Considerably superior than the iphone app store.

  8. After reading about the My App Creator software I believe they have a 50% chance of taking over the market. Their blog is a bit weak but the product seems strong in the iPhone market.

  9. This is a great service for creating iPhone apps. The themes looks nice and it is customizable enough for an average business looking for a mobile presence.

  10. I am not new to blogging but new to creating iphone apps and really value automated systems. This is my new prime subject as I don’t see online mobile stores shrinking anytime soon.

  11. An advantage of iphone app affiliate marketing is that it’s possible to create a great home business model, only by recommending your paid app to others. The crucial element is to create a good relationship with your subscribers, they must know they can trust you, when you offer information and reviews of online products or services you have used.

  12. Just checking out your app review on my new Nokia Phone, I plan on building similar software for the Ovi store.

  13. A real iphone website entrepreneurship tailored for newbie app creators. This helps with mobile programming but you can’t make a game with this app software, so it will never appeal to hardcore programmers.

  14. Hey web and mobile entrepreneurs! Do you have great ideas and are looking for the best value app development company and/or looking for investors to help you fund your project? We can help get VC funding for iPhone developers.

  15. Do you guys get to keep the iphone product app subscription after the review? If you did – lucky buggers 🙂

  16. Just thought i would tell you something – twice i’ve landed on your blog in the last 2 weeks searching for completely unrelated online marketing tips. Spooky or what?

  17. I like the layout of the my app creator website. It appears that the graphics of the custom iphone apps share a similar design.

  18. I just bought a new Iphone, and love the apps but the ringtones on it are terrible. There are plenty of people selling ringtones for 99 cents, but after the price I paid for the phone I am not going to pay for ringtones so i use this software with a demo on youtube.

  19. Im always researching info on cell phones and the iPhone. This my app creator program will let me create my own review app for my research, thanks.

  20. Hey, this is a very nice iphone resource. It seems that myappcreator is doing well in the alexa rankings and they have lots of satisfied customers. I had planned on creating a similar self serve app creation program for Google Android and this will inspire my creation.

  21. The My App Creator idea is good and will work well for newbies. It is a very nice site with a simple interface but the development options are too limited for me.

  22. To me is is still unclear what is gonna happen when the app is rejected by iTunes.. Will My App Creator team refund money or will allow you create a new application instead?

  23. I have enjoyed testing the My App Creator software very much and benefited from the free information about iPhone app development.

  24. Thanks for the post about MyAppCreator, however some of your information is incorrect. We make no claims about getting approval in one day, nor do we guarantee acceptance.

    Once an Application is submitted it goes through Apple’s regular approval process which is usually around 1-2 weeks. And no one can guarantee an App’s acceptance in iTunes.

    We’d appreciate it if you would adjust your post accordingly.

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