Denmark Energy Independence

This is not web news, but environmental news. The Danes have kicked their dependence on foreign oil and are spared from entering costly and bloody global conflict to keep their hummers humming and lights lit.

In 1976 the Danish public got behind an ambitious (and expensive) program to become entirely energy-independent, and, with the development of new, clean energy systems, to get out of the foreign oil business completely.

in 1973 Denmark was 99% dependent on foreign oil. Today in 2008 they produce enough energy to cover all their own needs and sell the extra to other countries, the only European nation to do so. And their energy conservation programs have been so successful that over the last 30 years, even with extensive modernization and a 7% increase in population, their annual energy use has remained basically the same.

denmark windmills

Denmark is a small country with only 5.5 million people, but it shows what can be done with solidarity, ingenuity and conservation. Full article.


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