The Domain Name Aftermarket Had Record Volume

Domain aftermarket site, reported that last year was a banner one for domain name auctions. “Our volume has been simply incredible as has the number of premium and super-premium domain names we’ve been able to obtain for our clients,” said ClubDrop.

Below are the Top 10 largest aftermarket domain transactions according to sales reported to the Domain Name Journal and other sources:

1. – $7,500,000
2. – $3,000,000
3. – $1,500,000
4. – $717,978
5. – $635,000
6. – $550,000
7. ,,,, – $500,000
8. Së – $454,500
9. – $450,000
10. – $355,000

Also selling for $300,000 were,,,,, Names selling for $200,000 were,,,,,,,,, and

Domain names are not quite as big a business as they were in the past, as more people use different domain name extensions and social networks become a larger share of the web. Google also seems to be giving less weight to exact match domain names so is less likely to effortlessly rank #1 as it had in the past.

However quality domains will always be valuable, and will forever be a part of the digital real estate landscape.

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Do you have more deals of high value domain name transactions? If so please leave them in the comments and tell us about your big domaining wins.


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  1. These are the mind blowing price of domain names. I am very impressed after looking these price and become interested to start a business of selling domain names. Thank you for giving us the price concept of domain names.

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