Finer Points of Dynamic Keyword Insertion

Pay per click management and PPC bidding is most effective when the process is automated. The goal is to have the most relevant ad appear for each keyword search. It is impractical to create a unique ad for each keyword phrase variation, so we use a technique called Dynamic Keyword Insertion. DKI allows us to insert the exact keyword phrase used in the search query into our ad.

Keywords targeted and that triggered the ad were in BOLD in the ad. You can see that not only is the keyphrase in the title of the ad is bold, as well as the keyword in the ad copy and the display URL is also bold. This increases your ads CTR and will improve your Quality Score in Google, resulting in a lower CPC.

The standard format for dynamically inserting your keyword: {keyword:yourdefaulttext}

Additional variations allow the use of capitalization to dynamically inserted keywords:

    keyword – No capitalization, all word(s) are in lower case

  • Keyword – The first word is capitalized
  • KeyWord – Every word is capitalized
  • KEYword – Every letter in first word is capitalized
  • KEYWord -Every letter in the first word AND the first letter of the second
  • KEYWORD – Every letter is capitalized

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