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 Images LogoPay Per Click management is a unique art and can drastically change your business. Hiring an search engine marketing expert who can dial in PPC campaigns is an unfair advantage.

The tenets of PPC success:

  • Keyword research – not bidding on broad and low converting keywords
  • Landing Pages – the more topically focused landingpages you have the better your ROI will be
  • Bid Management – overbidding will bleed your budget, underbidding will generate too few clicks and allow your competitors to steal your business
  • Conversion Tracking – use software to track conversions. the built in adwords conversion tracking works very well

EfficientPPC has created a tool to generate thousands of keywords, custom ads, and manage lists of campaigns.

Efficient PPC uses a sophisticated engine to take your basic keywords and phrases, and combine them into tens of thousands relevant key phrases. You can also use the built in keyword lists to make your campaigns even more relevant. Efficient PPC then takes these key phrases and divide them into Ad Groups and campaigns, and creates AdWords Editor readable files you can copy directly to AdWords Editor.

US $99.00 One time setup fee + US $19.00 Monthly subscription (quit anytime you want) or US $347.00 Single Payment (no more payments) includes:

  • Efficient PPC software
  • Efficient PPC video tutorials
  • Access to ready-to-use word lists
  • Dynamic landing page example
  • Access to Efficient PPC support forum

Updates & Upgrades and 30 Day money back guarantee. Go watch their free video that demonstrates this excellent paid search program. Heck if the PPC maestro Shoemoney recommends this tool, it is a no brainer.

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