5 Ways To Massively Improve Your Email Newsletter

email icon Do you want your email message to go faster than the speed of sound, and reach all of your valued readers? If you don’t follow these common rules, your newsletter will crash and won’t be heard.

Using email to communicate with your current clients and potential customers is essential. Email is still the best way to deliver relevant messages to your most interested audience.

If you are going to be sending multiple issues to your trusted clients, you must make your e-blast unique and compelling otherwise it will go into /dev/null (linux shorthand for the trash folder).

5 Keys to a successful Secrets to a Successful Email Newsletter

  1. Be Relevant Nothing is worse than receiving email that does not relate to your business or is something you are not expecting. Write for your audience and give them specifics. Whenever you sit down to write remember your high school english teacher telling you to be precise and direct.
  2. Be Concise Your offer or information should be clearly stated in the header of the email. Don’t make your prospects hunt to try to figure out your offer or engage in extra scrolling. Have you ever received an email that reads like a novel and has 2 dozen images? Yeah, I immediately delete those too.
  3. Be Useful Instead of talking about yourself, talk about your readers favorite thing: THEM. Your newsletter should be a mirror of their needs and concerns, and they should feel that you understand them and have helped them. Think karma – if people believe that you are going out of your way to help them, they will unconsciously do the same for you.
  4. Be Semantic Use good code and HTML email best practices. Nothing will ruin clickthroughs faster than poorly formatted email. Basic rules to creating email: simple css, few tables, small images, max width 600 pixels, minimal images, large font, similar theme as your website. I have seen messages that blow up when viewed in online email programs, making them unreadable.
  5. Be Polite No one likes to be spammed. Your customers have entrusted you with their most precious asset: their email address and time. Don’t abuse this high privilege and send excessive email. As a general rule, the less you email the more likely your subscribers will read it. Respect your prospects time and you will be rewarded.

Your company is unique and you have special qualities that differentiate you from your competition. Use this to your advantage and create a memorable piece of email that your targeted prospects will look forward to receiving each month.

65 percent of marketers say they plan to increase their use of email newsletters.
Source: Intermarket Group

Statistics may be misleading, but the inbox does not lie. More companies are using email marketing because the potential is bigger than Googles Boeing 767 aircraft.


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