When Advertising Overshadows Content

Nobody likes ads, and people really resent intrusive and irrelevant ads. SE Roundtable reports a post by SEO igloo where she laments on the excessive advertising on SearchEngineGuide.com

I think that Jennifer Laycock is one of the best writers in our industry. Beyond the basic SEO subjects she addresses for beginners, the questions she asks about facets of the industry always strike me as important, fresh and worthy. I love reading her articles. Unfortunately, I’ve found myself going to searchengineguide.com less and less lately because of the abundance of Flash advertising on the site. Right now, in the top spot on their pages, there is an ad with a guy popping around a screen. This one isn’t as intrusive as the last one that ran for weeks and featured a rapidly morphing image of people’s faces that had a flickering, flashing effect to it.

I agree 100%. I have tried reading articles on SEG & SEO chat and have been completely driven away by the signal to noise content. Sorry, I know you guys need to make money but try selling links, creating worthwhile sponsored reviews, or reduce your expenses.


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  1. Many, many videos are never viewed because of 30-second ads. I just copy the main heading and search for it on my home page. Usually, an article can be found with no oral ads.

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