Breakdown of a Good Page Title Element – Writing Your SEO Title Tag

The most important part of an HTML page is the {title}. Technically, TITLE is neither an attribute nor a tag – It’s an element. So while most people call it the title tag, it is semantically correct to call it the title element.

key uses of the title:

  1. branding in search engine results pages
  2. bookmarking
  3. intra site navigation

1 – you want your site to show up and be clicked. google displays (as of this writing) 70 characters of a title, and all characters beyond 70 are cut off. Yahoo displays 60 characters.

A good way to write titles is:

* Home Page: Brand/Site Name – Keyword Description
* Inner Pages: Specific Keyword Description & Page Name – Brand/Site Name

2 – If a user uses or bookmarks your site you want your name to be first. So it would be better to have the title be:

Brand Name – Find all Brand Products Here


Keyword Phrase 1, Keyword Phrase 2, Keyword Phrase 3 Brand name. Your Brand name would get lost.

3 – For people that read title elements and page headings, its good to keep them in synch. So your title tag should be a reworded version of your page tag.

A good way to write an effective optimized title tag is to answer a question. Think as if you were on Jeopardy and you were trying to write a title that Alex Trabeck would like. If you can use this tactic while including your main keyword in the title, the page will have a good chance for search engine optimization success.

If you would like a assistance with your title tags, please contact us for a free review and we will go over your page titles with you.


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