Google Adwords Quality Score Pricing Explanation Video

Google AdWords Uses Quality Score to Determine How Much You Pay Per Click

The Google PPC system does not simply work on the basic algorithm of the higher your bid per click, the higher your position. Ads are positioned using a dynamic bidding system which does millions of calculations per day to adjust results in a real time auction system.

Quality Score is a biased bidding system, which rewards advertisers for higher numbers of ad clicks. The more clicks your ad garners, the lower price you will have to pay relative to your competitors.

How to improve your quality score

  1. increase your click through rate (CTR)
  2. focus on keyword relevancy
  3. improve landing page quality – relevant, transparent and directly related to your keyword bids increase page load time

Even increasing your CTR by 0.01% a can be enough to bump your aggregate keyword quality score up and reduce your overall costs dramatically.


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  1. I didn’t know these PPC quality score tips for adwords, this will help me with future PPC campaigns.

  2. Thanks! Good stuff here about SEO and online marketing with adwords, I appreciate your unique insight and personal stories about optimizing PPC campaigns.

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