Google Analytics on Air Delivers Stats to your desktop

I have a love hate relationship with Google Analytics. This is a fantastic program with a great user interface and conversion settings that are second to none. GA is also easy to setup, configure and use in real life, features that are not shared with other major analytics programs.

What I dislike about Google Analytics is giving my your data to my largest referral source. Installing this javascript on a website is the same as giving Google the keys to your safe deposit box – they will know everything about you. Google will know exactly how many visitors you get, where these visitors come from, how many pages they view and what they buy from you. Google will know if you are faking anything or if you have poor conversions. And they could use this data against you by lowering your natural rankings or increasing your Adwords CPC.

Anyway here is an awesome flash program that allows you to run Google Analytics on your desktop without having to be online.

Google Analytics On Your Desktop

Nicolas wrote this awesome program WITHOUT using an API. Yes he just hacked the GA data to import it into Adobe AIR. Very cool. Download Google Analytics on AIR.


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