Google Bombing – The Real Google Bombers

Google Bombing is a method that an SEO can use to manipulate the search engine results through link manipulation. If you have a coordinated effort of creating backlinks to a single page using specific anchor text, you can get a page to rank for nearly any keywords that you choose.

This method is much less effective now, as Google is better at parsing page meaning, writing intent, and backlink authority. Simply pointing 100 links with exact match anchor text is no longer a guaranteed way to get top page search engine rankings.

We decided to take a trip down search engine memory lane and are showing some light hearted photos of google bombers.

google bomber

Google Jet Bomber
google bombing

G Bomber Striker
g bomber

Google Bombing Stratofortress
google bombing mission

Google Bomb
the google bomb

Oldschool Google Bomber
google bomb

To the professional and amateur SEO’s here we need your feedback. Please add any notable google bombs in the comments: have you been able to make a page to rank just from getting a lot of targeted links pointing to it?


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  1. One thing I’ve got noticed with google bombing is that often SEO’s plus blog networks have in mind the spending habits of consumers and understand that plenty of people max out their real website value long before their natural traffic has been established.

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