Google Superbowl Ad Predicted by Tiger Woods

This ad was created in December 2009 in response to the Tiger Woods allegations. It eerily mimics the superbowl ad for the Google search engine.

Here is a spoof of the Google ad for the study abroad to Paris titled “Parisian Oops”

A spoof on the Google ad by Shoemoney about his system on how to make money online. This was one of the first and best remixes I have seen of the famous Super Bowl commercial, and may do more to inspire entrepreneurs to learn more about SEO.

The original Google superbowl ad titled “Parisian Love” about an American finding love in France and living happily ever after.


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6 Responses

  1. Media reports that Tiger Woods is working with his agents on ideas to regain his sponsors. The most well know athlete even has Google copying his video parodies!

  2. What is Google going to do for their encore ad? Are they going to create anthropogenic caricatures of their search engine and pit it against Bing?

  3. Thank you very much for showing all the parodies on Google’s superbowl commercial. I remember when produced tv ads and everyone thought they were for Google.

  4. I thought the Tiger Woods spoof was hilarious when I first saw it 3 months ago – then I did a doubletake when I saw Google replicate it during the Superbowl.

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