Group or Solo SEO

Sting & the Police Many professional search engine optimization consultants choose to have a solo practice. Noteworty solo SEO’s are Graywolf, Stuntdbl, & SEObook. There are also a lot of excellent firms who provide search engine optimization services including SEOmoz, Acsseo, and Rustybrick.

The benefits of being a solo consultant are freedom to set your own rates, schedule and choose clients. Decisions are lightning fast with no meetings required. There is no one to get in the way of implementing an SEO strategy on a website, and no one to blame if things don’t work properly.

Older Sting & The Police Disadvantages to being an individual SEO consultant include a lack of new information and difficulty working on multiple projects. One person can only multitask so much, and if you aren’t working there are no billable hours so revenue is at a standstill.
Working as a group also produces synergy, an intangible factor that can often drastically influence the end result. Cooperation of 3 great minds should produce better results than 1 excellent mind.

Sting is an great musician, but the Police is an amazing and irreplaceable band.


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